Marina Dredging

Marina Dredging

Marina Dredging Service Sneads Ferry NC | Myrtle Beach SC


At Coastal Dredging our specialty is marina dredging.  We have the equipment to dredge your marina harbor as well as marina boat slips with minimum disruption to marina operations. 

Our marina dredging equipment allows us to maneuver in and out of the boat slips efficiently saving your marina customers down time.
This marina hydraulic dredging allows us to dredge boat slips much faster than most. Our equipment maneuverability lets you continue to operate your marina while we remove the collected sediment that forces you to berth smaller boats and reduces your revenues.
For large scale dredging projects like a commercial marina, we use hydraulic dredging, a  progressive and high-tech solution for removing sediment from the marina bottom.

Our Coastal Dredging hydraulic dredge floats in your marina and excavates and pumps the silt material through a temporary pipeline to an offsite location, often several thousand feet away. This marina dredge acts like a floating vacuum cleaner that can remove sediment very precisely moving in and out of boat slips.

Boat Slip Dredging 
Myrtle Beach SC | Sneads Ferry NC

With a hydraulic dredge, the dredge discharge line and return line are the only obstructions in the environment. The lines are usually laid on the ground surface. Other than this, the dredge, which is not much larger than a boat, is the only machine to be seen.

Hydraulic marina dredging a very unobtrusive method that does not require disturbing much of your marina operation such as boat slips.

Hydraulic dredging provides the cleanest and least obtrusive dredging method for marina sediment removal without damaging the environment or surrounding areas.
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